Mulch Yard of New Bern

Mulch and so much more!  We carry New Bern's largest variety of landscape stone and rock.  Come by and see our large selection of landscape rock. The Mulch Yard of New Bern is dedicated to offering a variety of quality products and dependable service. We are pleased to bring a large selection of ground cover materials to New Bern and the surrounding areas. We deliver to Jacksonville, Oriental, Havelock, Morehead City, and Jones County.  Call today for delivery rate.  (252)633-6100

Product Price List

Soil Products

  • Top Soil Blend
Best Seller 
$42 per cu. yd.
aka Gardener's Choice Blend​
This is a blended topsoil product-great for gardens and flower/plant beds.  Contains approximately 30 % compost.
  • Fill Dirt- $30 per yd.
  • Compost - $40 per yd.
Pine Products
  • Pine Straw Bales -sold out
    • Long Leaf​
Supply shortage this year, due to weather and labor.
  • Pine Nuggets $40 per cu. yd.
    • Mini Nuggets 
    • Large Nuggets
Sand $40 per ton
  • Masonry Sand
Clean sand for pools and sandboxes.
Driveway Base          $45 per ton
Rip Rap 3x5                $85 per ton
Granite-#57               $95 per ton  
We can deliver just a few yards or up to 20 cubic yards of mulch.  Delivery prices vary by location.  Minimum delivery is $20.  Other areas start at $45.
Mulch for Landscape & Garden Application
Colored Mulches $40 cu. yd.
  • Brown/Chocolate$40 per cu. yd.
  • Red $40 per cubic yard
  • Black $43 per cubic yard
Prices may vary from supplier to supplier, we try our best to have product on hand at all times and some suppliers cannot meet our needs.
Cypress Mulch Products $48 cu. yd.
  • Certified Playground Cushion/
Natural Cypress Mulch, non-colored, blonde/golden color.


Call for prices over 20 cubic yards.

All prices subject to change without notice.

Decorative Landscape Rock

White (white/lt. tan mix)
Mid-Atlantic Round Rock
  • Small - 3/4" - $190 per ton
  • Medium - 2 x 1  -$190 per ton
 This is same as the NE White/Tan
Tan Quartz NC Rock
  • Small 3/4" - $130 per ton
  • Medium 1" x 2" $130 per ton
Tan TN River Rock (Tan/Brown Mix)
Most similar to TN River Rock
  • Small - 3/4"-1"  - $180 per ton
  • Medium - 2" x 4"  $200 per ton
  • Large - 3" x 6"  $210 per ton
NE Gray Multi-color River Rock
Double Washed
  • Small 1" x 2" $220 per ton
  • Med 2" x 4"  $220 per ton
Carolina Red Brick Chips $190/ton

Delivery Payment Options:
Pay by credit card, driver has card reader, credit card over the phone or by check upon delivery.
Give us a your email address and we can send you an invoice and pre-pay for your order via email.